how to be smooth as hell with your crush

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foreverisabeauifulthings asked:

I have a crush on my ex boyfriend but he likes my friend idk what to do and no one ever listens to me hoping u can help

Ok well this can either get really messy, or stay simple. You can either try and just get over him and leave it as that. Or you could get enough confidence up to tell him that you like him again, even if he likes someone else it’s still better to tell him. Then at least he knows and he will either do something about that, or not. It may hurt if he does go out with your friend, but you two broke up for a reason right? Maybe you did start to get feelings for him again, but remember that you had your chance with him and maybe (I’m not saying you can’t have another chance) it’s your friends chance with him. If you don’t like either of these options you could ask your friend if she likes him to see if her and your ex would ever stand a chance. If she does well then honey I guess it’s time to get over him :( as hard as that is, I know you can do it. You will find someone who is worth everything and who you won’t have to try so hard to be with. If it’s meant to be it will happen. Stay beautiful xxxx

Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend recently broke up with me and has already started talking to someone else when he told me just yesterday he loves and misses me. The heartache is so bad I can't even get outta bed. I don't know what to do anymore. The pain just never stops

Don’t get out of bed. Have one day to yourself where you can just let it all out! Cry, eat 3 tubs if ice cream, watch all your favourite movies, listen to songs on full blast whilst jumping up and down on your bed. Just having this day to cry and let go of all your emotions will help you so much, however it can do only so much. After a break up we all find it extremely emotionally hard to keep functionally the way we used to, but life goes on unfortunately and it doesn’t always wait. When you think of him, don’t think of all the good times you shared (you can think about those later when you are over him) but of the things that didn’t go so well. This relationship must have ended for a reason and that thing just doesn’t magically disappear now because you miss him. It was obviously something, so always remember that :) Also now that he’s with another girl I know it will be hard (yes jealously gets the better of all of us) but she is not you. You are different from her, so never judge yourself against her. Last thing, don’t let this take over your life (it may take a while though so give it time) and start seeing other people too when you feel ready. Don’t close off your friends either, they are there for a reason so let them help you move on :) things will get better darling. Stay strong xxxx